Administration Services & Information



The Administrator’s Office is expected to promote visionary and creative thinking throughout to improve the programs, policies, and operations.

Policy Development

The Administrator’s Office is responsible for drafting policies and preparing them for review by the Board of Commissioners. Upon Board adoption of policy, the Administrator’s Office is responsible for administering the policy through the development and promulgation of procedures.

Administrative Assistance and Communication

Administrator’s Office staff are responsible for promoting the flow of information between the Board of Commissioners, administration, county departments and agencies, and the public.

Budget Administration

The Administrator’s Office is responsible for the preparation and administration of the County’s annual operating and capital improvement budgets.

Program Analysis

Staff in the Administrator’s Office review and analyze County programs and activities to make sure they are carried out in compliance with State mandates, and to establish the most efficient and effective delivery of both mandated and other County services to the public.

Civil Counsel

The Civil Counsel provides legal advice to the Board of Commissioners, the County Administrator, and county departments, in all matters from reviewing policies to be presented to the Board of Commissioners, to the impact of legislation on County operations. All requests for legal advice are coordinated by the County Administrator.