Circuit Court – Probation Contacts


Thomasw Halsted- SUPERVISOR

Circuit Court Probation/Parole Contact Information:

Parole Office:


Thomas Halsted
Phone: (616) 527-5391



Dan Rockey
Phone: (616) 527-9775 x263
Fax: (616) 527-4174

Sara Miles
Phone: (616) 527-9775 x264

Greg Garn
Phone: (616) 527-9775 x262
Fax: (616) 527-4174

Probation Office:


Lori Bonn
Phone: (616) 527-8241

Ted Leslie
Phone: (616) 527-5393

Jason Perry
Phone: (616) 527-5360

Samantha Johnson
Phone: (616) 527-8253

Wendy Ceren
Phone: (616) 527-9775 x255

Shared Ionia/Barry County Agent:
Mike Erickson
Phone: (616) 527-5391

Main office:
Tammy Cudney – Secretary
Phone: (616) 527-5308
Fax: (616) 527-5303

After Hours: 1-888-221-8076

Bellamy Creek Correctional Facility (616) 527-2510
Deerfield Correctional Facility (616) 527-6320
Richard A. Handlon Correctional Facility (616) 527-3100
Ionia Maximum Correctional Facility (616) 527-6331
Michigan Reformatory (616) 527-2500
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