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Welcome to the Ionia County Clerk’s page for election results.  On this page you will find copies of the canvasses (election results) from past elections.


*All election results are listed under the year the election took place.

**The canvass formats vary from year to year due to the change in election equipment and reporting requirements per the Michigan Election Law.

***If there are no election results listed for a specific election you may be looking for, please contact the Ionia County Clerk’s Office at

August 8, 2017 Election:
All polling locations will close at 8 p.m.  The County Clerk’s office expects the first results to be delivered to the County between 9:00-9:30p.m.  All election results are unofficial until certified by the Ionia County Board Canvassers.  The Canvassers will meet at 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 9th.


All unofficial results are final at 9:53 p.m. for the August 8, 2017 Special Election

August 8th Special Election Summary Report (Ionia County ISD Special Election)

August 8th Precinct by Precinct Report

August 8th Precincts Reported



August 2, 2016 Election Results
March 8, 2016 Presidential Primary Election Results


May 5, 2015 Election Results (Statewide Proposal, Lakewood Public Schools and Palo Community Schools)

November 2, 2015 Election Results


February 25 2014 Election Results (Ionia County Intermediate School District Enhancement Millage)

August 5 2014 Election Results by Precinct

August 5 2014 Election Results County Summary

2014 November General Election Results


May 7, 2013 PW School Election  Results (Pewamo-Westphalia Schools for that portion that falls within Ionia County)

May 7, 2013 Coon School Election  Results

Nov 5 2013 Lowell Schools Election Results (Lowell Schools for that portion that falls within Ionia County)

Nov 5, 2013 Special/City Election Results (includes Belding City, Ionia City and Portland City and two proposals for Otisco Township)


Feb 28 2012 Presidential Primary Election Results

Aug 7 2012 Primary Election Results

Nov 6 2012 General Election Results

Nov 6, 2012 General Election Results (surrounding counties for Lakewood Schools, Portland Public Schools, Belding Area Schools and the Village of Hubbardston)

Aug 7 2012 Precinct Delegates Elected  (Republican)

Aug 7 2012 Precinct Delegates Elected (Democratic)


May 3, 2011 Annual Election Results

Sept 13, 2011 Village Election Results

Nov 8, 2011 General Election Results (includes Boston Twp Prop, Lakewood School Board, Belding City Council, Ionia City Council and Portland City Council)

Nov 8 2011 General Election Montcalm College Results (Montcalm Community College for that portion that falls within Ionia County)

Nov 8 2011 General Election Pewamo Schools Results (Pewamo-Westphalia Schools for that portion that falls within Ionia County)


Feb 23 2010 Special Election Results (Belding Area Schools Millage Proposal)

May 4 2010 Annual Election Results

Aug 3 2010 Primary Election (County Summary) Results

Aug 3 2010 Primary Election by Precinct Results

Nov 2 2010 General Election Results

Aug 2010 Precinct Delegates Elected


May 5 2009 Annual May Election Results

Sept 15 2009 Village Elections Results (includes Lake Odessa, Muir and Saranac Villages)

Nov 3 2009 General/City Election Results


Jan 15 2008 Presidential Primary Election Results

May 6 2008 Annual May Election  Results

Aug 2008 Primary Election Results (by Precinct)

2008 Aug Primary Election Results (Summary)

Nov 4 2008 General Election Results


Feb 27 2007 Special Election Results (Portland Public School District Proposal)

May 8 2007 Annual May Election Results

May 8 2007 Annual May Election Results ( for the portions of Thornapple-Kellogg Schools, Lowell Area Schools, Grand Rapids Community College, Grand Ledge Public Schools, Pewamo-Westphalia Schools, Carson City-Crystal Area Schools and Montcalm Community College that fall within Ionia County)


May 2 2006 Annual May Election Results

Aug 8 2006 Primary Election Results

Nov 7 2006 General Election Results


May 3 2005 Annual May Election Results (includes Ionia Community Library Proposals)