A Notary Public is a person authorized by the state in which the person resides to administer oaths (swearing to truth of a statement), take acknowledgments, certify documents and to take depositions if the notary is also a court reporter.  The signature and seal of a stamp of a notary public is necessary to attest to the truth of a person making an affidavit and to attest that a person has acknowledged that he/she executed a deed, power of attorney or other document, and is required for recording in public records. The Secretary of State of each state appoints notary publics for a specified term of years.

A Notary Pubic must see proof of identity (for example, driver’s license) of the person that is executing a document.


  • The applicant must have a completed bond and an application which can be obtained at an insurance company.
  • The applicant files the bond in the County Clerk’s Office and will sign the bond in the presence of the County or Deputy County Clerk.
  • The fee is $10.  Checks or money orders can be made payable to: Ionia County Clerk
  • The County Clerk’s Office will initial and seal the application and return it to the applicant.
  • The applicant will then file the sealed application with the State of Michigan, along with another $10 fee.  The mailing address to the State of Michigan will be on the application.

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