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Applying for a Marriage License

Marriage License Affidavit

  • If both parties are present at least one applicant must be a legal resident of the county. Applicants can apply in either county.
  • If one person applies, the applicant present must be a legal resident of the county. If the legal resident does not appear the applicant must apply in his/her county of legal residence.
  • An out-of-state marriage license may be issued to applicants who BOTH live outside of the state.
    • They must apply in the county that the marriage will take place.
    • An additional fee of $10 is assessed to the applicants as an Out-of-State Marriage (OSML) license fee.
    • This option and fee does not apply if only one resident is from out-of-state.
  • It is at the discretion of the County Clerk to determine an inmate’s residency. Ionia County does not recognize inmates as residents of the county, unless proof can be provided the inmate resided in Ionia County immediately prior to incarceration. This determination is based upon the fact that Ionia County does not reflect incarcerated individuals as residents in the 2010 Census.
    • Neither the County Clerk nor the staff of the County Clerk will travel offsite to issue an Affidavit for License to Marry or a Marriage License.
    • If the applicant marrying an inmate is a resident of Michigan they must apply in their county of residence.
    • If the applicant is NOT a resident of Michigan they may seek to apply for a license in the county that the inmate resided in immediately prior to incarceration or in the county where he/she is currently incarcerated. Please contact that County for their requirements as certain procedures may vary from county to county.
    • Applicants may seek to obtain a court ruling allowing a marriage to take place. Documentation ordering the Clerk to issue the marriage license must be deemed as an original copy and must be presented to the Clerk.  The Clerk’s Office is prohibited from providing legal advice as to how to pursue this option.
  • The three-day waiting period may be waived by the Clerk if good and sufficient cause is shown.
    • Ignorance of the law is not deemed as good and sufficient cause.
    • The three-day waiting period is waived only for applicants serving in active duty in the U.S. Military or in cases of medical emergencies. Other situations are at the discretion of the Clerk.
    • A $10 fee will be charged to waive the three-day waiting period (MLWV).
  • Residency is determined by the address on the applicant’s driver’s license or Personal ID card.
  • If you have been married previously, you must provide your fully executed Judgment of Divorce(s) to prove you are free to marry.
  • Birth certificates in English are required for both applicants to apply.
  • Applicants who do not possess a social security number must complete an Affidavit of No Social Security Number. This form is to be completed by the applicant who does not possess a social security number.  The applicant must present a photo ID with signature.

Note that the application for a marriage license is a sworn affidavit.  Making false statements in the marriage license affidavit is an act of perjury which is a prosecutable offense. (MCL 551.108)

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