The chief legislative and policy-making body of Ionia County Government is the 7-member Board of Commissioners.

Commissioners are elected to 2-year terms from districts that are roughly equal in population. A Chair and Vice-Chair are elected at the first meeting of each new year. The Chair appoints each Commissioner to standing committees.

Among the Commissioners’ other duties are:

  • Approving a mission statement for the County.
  • Adopting the annual County budget.
  • Raising the money to fund the County’s operations by levying property taxes, setting fees, selling bonds or borrowing.
  • Appointing citizen members to County boards, commissions and committees, which provide oversight for significant County services.
  • Selecting a County Administrator to supervise the day-to-day operations of County departments.
  • Determining the sites of County buildings, and purchasing or disposing of County-owned property and facilities.
  • Representing the County, and managing its property and business by adopting rules, regulations, ordinances and policies.

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