The Treasurer’s Office is to assist delinquent taxpayers to fulfill their Real Property Tax obligation to avoid any foreclosure on any property the property owner wants to maintain.

The Treasurer will assist any taxpayer throughout the year. Applications for consideration will be available at the Treasurer’s Office or on the “Links” section of this website.


Financial hardship will be considered at the Show Cause (Administrative) hearing pursuant to the prior notice. The date may also be obtained by contacting the Treasurer’s Office. The Treasurer may request that an appointment be made for the orderly conduct of business. Non-appointments will be scheduled as time permits.


The Applicant must establish that the property is a homestead parcel or qualified agricultural property (pursuant to MCL 211.7(d)(d)). This may be accomplished by affidavit that they have been granted a homestead exemption that is currently in effect. Deeds or other documentation showing title and residency such as driver’s license, utility bills, voter’s registration, etc. may be used.


Applicant must also have available at the hearing:

o       State and Federal tax returns for the previous two (2) years.

o       Verification of income

Social Security Statement

Land Contracts, Leases

State Assistance Statements

  • Financial Statement of Condition (Balance Sheet)
  • Documentation of Application to local unit for exemption and their determination
  • Provide details of all attempts for assistance or borrowing and the result of these efforts.


Income guideline for the Treasurer’s consideration is the Poverty Guidelines as issued by the Federal Department of Health and Human Services.


Applicants will also have the opportunity to disclose other conditions that may affect their ability to pay their taxes. This may include but is not limited to the following:

o       Existence of physical/mental disabilities

o       Health Issues

o       Outstanding financial obligations due to conditions/factors outside the individual’s control

o       Unemployment

It will be determined if the Applicant has exhausted all potential sources of assistance. This may include but is not limited to the following:

o       Federal, state and local governmental agencies

o       Non-profit, charitable organizations

o       Community based and service groups


A list of all applying for hardship deferrals will be forwarded to the respective local unit. Communities will be asked to help identify potential local sources of assistance for these individuals.


The Treasurer will attempt to determine if the hardship is temporary or permanent. For temporary hardships the anticipated time to correct the situation will be determined. Permanent hardship cases will also be referred to the respective local unit for future relief under MCL 211.7(u).


The granting of a hardship waiver only extends the time to pay the delinquent amount due. Interest at 1½ % monthly and any additional expenses continue to accrue on the parcel, increasing the tax liability. Ultimately the Treasurer will determine if relief from foreclosure will enable the taxpayer to pay their delinquent tax within twelve (12) months of her decision.


Hardship determination at the administrative hearing will be in the sole and absolute judgment of the Treasurer. 




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