Friend of the Court Staff Listing

Jessica K. Wierckz Friend of the Court & Circuit Court Referee
Karen Wohlfert Court Recorder
Julie Zeigler Deputy FOC Clerk
Mary Izzard Receptionist & Case Assistant
Parenting Time Supervisor/Mentor

Professional Staff – Dispute Resolution (Custody, Parenting Time & Child Support)

Preslye Granger Conciliations/Parenting Time/Support
Karen Heitnzelman Investigator/Conciliator
Erin Randall Conciliator/Support Specialist
In addition, professional staff share duties of attending and testifying at court hearings on custody/parenting time and support enforcement issues, in addition to other related duties. 

Child Support – Case Management Staff (Alpha Split by Man’s Last Name)

Nancy Baldwin Case Management Supervision
Case Managers
Julie Thoma A-G
Kelly Melton H-O
Haley Wandell M-Z
Assistant Case Manager
Christine Gavitt

Leins & Bench Warrant Enforcement

Stephanie Clark A-Z

Interstate Child Support Enforcement (UIFSA) & Medical Case Manager

Carol Hummel A-Z