Resource Recovery: Greening Spring Cleaning

Greening Spring Cleaning

Mother Nature is finally sending in a wave or warm weather, with spring at its heels. The urge to open the windows, air out the house, and clean is starting to creep in. Before you take on the tasks to de-clutter, de-gunk, and de-clog, devise a plan to be eco-friendly in your efforts.

Many household cleaners purchased at the store contain hazardous chemicals. There is a rise in eco-friendly products, but with today’s economy, you can save a few dollars making your own.

Another part of spring cleaning is figuring out what to do with all that “stuff” that takes up your useful spaces at home, but that you have no more use for. Remember these words: REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE, in that order.

Click on the frogs you find on this page for more information on how to green your spring cleaning!


    • Reduce toxic chemicals by switching to green alternatives.
    • Reduce waste by using washable towels or rags for cleaning, instead of paper towels.
    • Reduce clutter by figuring out what you really need to keep. Make sure you check all the “dump and run” places you put things to go through later: the garage, junk drawers, the basement, the attic, closets, and kids’ play areas.

    • Reuse bottles you mix your homemade cleaners in.
    • Re-purpose your items. Clothes with stains can turn into great pieces for sewing crazy quilts, pillows, and cute soft toys. Snag the frames off of those old ugly paintings to fill with something you like.
    • Donate items that still have use left in them to local charities or by holding a yard sale.

    • Take your leftover household hazardous waste to a Household Hazardous Waste Collection.
    • Take your electronics to an E-Waste Collection.
    • Recycle the items that you cannot give away or sell.
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