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Emptying the Medicine Cabinet


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Most of us likely have at least a few medications around the house to help with the occasional headache or cold. Some have need of medications to see them through their daily lives. Some need to give themselves or their loved ones injections.

What do we do with all these medications and needles when we don’t need them anymore, they expire, or have already been used (needles)?

This question is not just a concern for us humans, but also includes all of those medications and needles used when taking care of our pets and/or livestock. A big problem just got bigger.

Unfortunately, there is currently not an easy answer in Ionia County. The brochure to the left contains information about how you can safely dispose of your medical waste at home.

At some point we hope to be able to offer medical waste disposal through the Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Collection Program, but much needs to be worked out with the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency)at the state level first. It is a problem that county HHW programs and environmental agencies across the state are currently working on.

What’s the big deal anyway?

Don’t Flush! Improper disposal of medications can jeopardize our environment by getting into our ground and surface water systems, contaminating our drinking water and disrupting life cycles of many aquatic plants and animals.

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Don’t store indefinately! Hanging on to medications that have expired can lead to misuse.Teens have learned to explore their parents’ and grandparents’ medicine cabinets to get high. Teens are even having Pharm parties where they will dump a bunch of pills into a bowl and pop them like candy. As you can imagine, this is an extremely dangerous and potentially life-threatening way to “have fun”.

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The Point it… Needles Hurt!

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When needles are not properly disposed of, waste collection/disposal employees may be exposed to blood-born pathogens. They are not alone. improperly disposed of needles can also have a detrimental effect on children, pets, and other loved ones or strangers who have access to your trash, whether legally or illegally.

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See below for additional information about medical waste disposal options. Suggested links to not necessarily indicate any recommendation or endorsement by Ionia County or any of it’s representatives.

Mailback Programs (fees likely) Medications RxTakeAway™


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