Mental Health



The Michigan Mental Health Code defines mental illness as “a substantial disorder of thought or mood that significantly impairs judgment, behavior, capacity to recognize reality, or ability to cope with the ordinary demands of life.”


The Ionia County Probate Court directs you to Ionia County Community Mental Health, 375 Apple Tree Drive, Ionia, MI 48846, 616/527-1790, for information regarding services which are available to individuals with mental illness.


Involuntary Commitment of an Individual with a Mental Illness is done through the probate court when a mentally ill person may be harmful to self or others and refuses to seek treatment.


  • ·        If you are unable to get treatment for someone you believe is mentally ill, you may file a Petition for Hospitalization and a Supplemental Petition for Application and Order for Examination with the probate court.
  • ·        If the judge signs the order to authorize a psychiatric evaluation, the court staff will make the necessary copies and certify them for you.
  • ·        You will take the certified copies to the appropriate police agency to arrange for the person to be transported to Ionia Sparrow Hospital.
  • ·        The hospital will perform the psychiatric evaluation and determine if the person needs treatment.
  • ·        If the person does not need treatment, the hospital will release him/her.
  • ·        If the person is diagnosed as requiring treatment he/she will be sent to a mental health hospital.
  • ·        The court will appoint the person an attorney. The attorney will meet with the person.
  • ·        The person may agree to voluntarily accept treatment by signing a Request to Defer Hearing on Commitment.
  • ·        If the person refuses to accept treatment, a hearing will be held. The person will remain hospitalized until the hearing.
  • ·        As the petitioner, you may be required to testify at the hearing.
  • ·        At the hearing the judge will decide whether to order treatment or discharge the person.
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