Foreclosure Education & Counseling

Foreclosure Education and Counseling is available in select counties to assist homeowners with understanding the process of foreclosure, the information a homeowner must have available to assess their situation and how to work with a lender to obtain a possible loan modification. MSU Extension believes an educated consumer will be more confident in making the important decisions about foreclosure.

For more information contact your local MSU Extension financial and home-ownership – Jim Buxton or Vicki Newcomb
– at 616-527-5357


Home Ownership

When individuals and families in Michigan are financially healthy, it creates an environment for sustained community prosperity. Sustainable home ownership strengthens neighborhoods and helps them to prosper. MSU Extension home ownership education provides the opportunity for both first-time home buyers and seasoned homeowners to learn the key aspects of this important and complex financial transaction. A home can be a path to building wealth and financial security when you make the investment that is right for
your long term financial stability.




State University Extension aims to provide information to help beef producers to overcome current and future challenges.

MSU Extension serves the Michigan beef industry by engaging in research, education and extension that enhances the quality of life for constituents through opportunities to advance animal health, welfare, productivity, environmental sustainability, product quality and economic viability.