County Job Board
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Board/Committee Vacancies and Upcoming Appointments

The Board of Commissioners appoints local citizens to a number of boards and committees. Appointments are made at varying times throughout the year, depending on the board/committee. There are also vacancies that occur due to a board/committee member leaving or choosing not to be reappointed. Those vacancies are open for applicants at any time during the vacancy. Please check here for monthly updates of current vacancies and upcoming appointments.

If you are interested in serving your county, please fill out an Application for Appointment and forward it to the Administration Office. For more information on the various boards and committees, please review our Board-Committee Appointment Information List. More information can also be found on our Boards and Commission Appointments page.


Current Board/Committee Vacancies

*Board of Public Works – One three-year appointment expiring January 2021.
*Community Corrections Advisory Board – One term with no set expiration date. This position serves as a Media Representative.
*Construction Board of Appeals – Two two-year appointments expiring October 2019, one which serves as an alternate member.
*Economic Development Corporation/Brownfield Redevelopment Authority – One three year appointment expiring April 2020, serving as a designee of the Ionia County Economic Alliance.
*Parks Advisory Board – Twp two-year appointments, both expiring January 2019. Both positions are General Public Representatives, however one must be from the Lyons Area.

Upcoming Appointments for Consideration:

  • Community Mental Health Services Board – Four three-year appointments made in March 2018.
  • Area Agency on Aging of Western Michigan Advisory Council – One three-year appointment made in April 2018.
  • Economic Development Corporation/Brownfield Redevelopment Authority – Three three-year appointments made in April 2018.
  • Land Bank Authority – Two three-year appointments made in April 2018.


2017 Board of Commissioners’ Year in Review

Listed below are just a few of the accomplishments for 2017: 

  • Groundbreaking for new courts facility
  • Opening of MiCommunity Dental Clinic
  • Bertha Brock house improvements
  • In-car camera project
  • Indigent Defense Compliance Plan

As stated, this is just a few of the County of Ionia successes.  The County of Ionia has been dealing with security and space issues for a long time and this project will definitely help in both areas.