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CHILDREN’S SPECIAL HEALTH CARE SERVICES (CSHCS): CSHCS provides payment for medical care beyond insurance coverage from birth to 21 years for individuals with medically-qualifying conditions under the care of participating specialists. Families in all income levels are eligible for enrollment. However, some families may be required to share the cost of care through a payment agreement.

All fixed food service establishments are licensed annually and inspected on a routine basis. Temporary food licenses are issued for gatherings where food is prepared and served outside of a fixed food establishment in conjunction with fairs, festivals, or other short-term events. Plan reviews and pre-opening inspections are conducted for all new establishments prior to construction and for existing establishments undergoing extensive remodeling. Fees must be paid prior to review. Consultation is available by phone and on site.

Information is available on a variety of topics including Risk Reduction, Cardiovascular Disease Prevention, smoking, diabetes, alcohol and drug abuse, community health reports and statistics, and many others.

Children up to 19 years of age and pregnant women may qualify for medical insurance. Both Healthy Kids and MIChild have great dental insurance for children. There is a small monthly fee for the MIChild program.

IMMUNIZATIONS: Immunizations are available to eligible children at Health Department clinics throughout the county. There is a fee for children with insurance and adult vaccines. No appointments are necessary. Bring a record of past immunizations. If someone other than the parent or guardian brings a child under 18 years of age, a permission note is required from the parent/guardian.

LEAD SCREENING: Children living in dwellings with a high environmental risk for lead poisoning and who are 12 months to 6 years of age can be screened through blood test and environmental questionnaire. Those with high lead levels will be referred for further testing. There is a fee for the screening. Medicaid can be billed for this test. 

LOAN EVALUATIONS: Inspections of existing water supply and sewage disposal systems are conducted for real estate transactions or refinancing of private residences only. Inspections are conducted after the request form and fees are submitted. A full written report with determination of on-site system conditions is provided.

MATERNAL & INFANT SUPPORT SERVICES: The Maternal Infant Health Program (MIHP) is the largest home visiting program in Michigan. It serves pregnant women and infants through age 1. MIHP supports healthy pregnancies and healthy babies.  It is FREE. Services are covered by Medicaid and managed health plans. Services are provided by a team of social workers, nurses, and dietitians. During pregnancy, your MIHP worker will help you connect to local community services (e.g. baby items, basic needs, housing, mental health, substance abuse, domestic violence), arrange transportation to medical appointments, help you quit or reduce tobacco, alcohol, and drugs, provide education about the developing fetus, labor and delivery, and healthy choices during pregnancy, discuss different birth control options.

After the baby is born, your worker will weigh/measure baby, complete developmental screenings and discuss your infant’s growth and development, provide breastfeeding support, provide infant care education, discuss safe sleep, and provide education about baby blues and post partum depression. Please contact the Ionia County Health Department to begin today!

MISCELLANEOUS: Inspections and consultations are done in the following areas: Campgrounds (full-time and temporary), public swimming pools, adult/child foster care and daycare facilities. Other areas of limited involvement: School environments, air pollution, lead abatement, radon, septic tank cleaners, solid waste disposal, subdivision/site condominium development, sites of environmental contamination, emergency preparedness, land-use patterns.

Investigations are conducted regarding complaints ranging from improper sewage disposal and insect infestations to housing defects in violation of Ionia County Sanitary Code requirements. If a serious health hazard exists, condemnation of a home may be executed by this office. Complaints must be signed and dated prior to investigation.

Permits are issued for all on-site sewage systems including repairs. Application and fee are required prior to a soil and site evaluation and prior to issuance of permits. Consultations by phone or at site are done upon request. Final inspections are done to confirm permit requirements.

Permits are issued for new and replacement water wells. Application and fee are required prior to a site visit. Sampling is done for loan evaluations, consultations, or suspected contamination. Consultation by phone or at site is done upon request. Bottles are available free of charge for water testing (lab fees are not included).

STD TESTING: ICHD provides confidential testing (via urine sample) for chlamydia and gonorrhea. Testing services are available at no cost to clients age 30 and under. There is no physical examination. General education about all STDs and STD prevention is also provided. Free condoms are available. Referrals to other locations to obtain more complete STD testing is also available. The STD clinic is open on Tuesdays from 12:30 – 4:00pm. Please call Chris RN at 616-527-5341 to make an appointment. Alternative days and times can be arranged if needed.

Those who are traveling outside of the U.S. should call for a consultation and appointment to receive the necessary vaccinations for a safe and healthy trip. There is a charge for travel immunizations.

TB skin tests are given during regular immunization clinic hours and must be read 48 to 72 hours after administration. There is a charge for TB tests.

A nutrition program for medically and financially eligible pregnant and breastfeeding women, infants, and children to age five. Through this program clients receive milk, eggs, juice, cereal, cheese and peanut butter. Infants receive formula, cereal and juice. Nutrition education classes are available.

Call (616) 527-5341 for further information on the services listed above.

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