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Ionia County Substance Abuse Initiative










 Our Mission: Facilitate a continuum of substance abuse services in Ionia County.

Our Vision: All Ionia County Residents will be free of substance abuse and its effects.


The Ionia County Substance Abuse Initiative (ICSAI) is the county initiative for substance abuse prevention. The workgroup consists of community members, local public agencies, schools, and local treatment providers. ICSAI meets on a monthly basis to focus on substance abuse prevention services in our community through data collection and analysis, information dissemination, communtiy engagement and mobilization.  

ICSAI has received accreditation from the Joint Commission, earning the organization’s Gold Seal of Approval. The department had to comply and meet nearly 1,200 standards before receiving this approval seal. Click here for the ICSAI Brochure.


Ionia County Health Department
175 E. Adams St.
Ionia, MI 48846

Phone: 616-527-5341

Fax: 616-527-5361
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