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If you’ve got junk mail, envelopes, wallpaper, borders or any other paper, you’ve got gorgeous beads to string for necklaces, bracelets and more.
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New Crayons from Old Ones

August 05, 2008

Danny Seo

This short article shows how you can make fun pieces of usable art using old, broken or stubby crayons.


This is a fun project that requires adult supervision. Kids, get your parent’s permission first and stay safe!

  • Unwrap a bunch of old crayons and place them in an old baking pan.
  • “Bake” in the oven at 350°F for about 10 minutes.
  • The mixture should already have the appearance of a swirly tie-dye experiment. If not swirly enough, use a toothpick or other item to swirl the colors a little more. Be careful not to overdo it or you’re likely to end up with an ugly dark brown (think of when you have combined all the colors on paper!)
  • Use a sharp cookie cutter (metal is probably best) to make out shapes in the crayon (best when it’s still a little warm).
  • Let the wax/pan cool completely.
  • Once cool, punch out your shapes!

These would be great as gifts! I can think of many ways to use these. Can you? Feel free to send suggestions here!

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