All Criminal cases prosecuted within the County of Ionia are filed at the 64-A District Court.

The 64-A District Court handles misedemeanor cases from arraignment through sentencing, and felony cases from arraignment through preliminary examination.

  • ARRAIGNMENT: Defendant is advised of his / her right, advised of the charge, advised of the possible penalties, bond is set, and a plea may be entered.
  • PRE-TRIAL: Defendant meets with prosecutor to discuss the case.
  • PRELIMINARY EXAMINATION: To determine if a felony crime was committed and if the Defendant may have committed the crime. This is known as a Probable Cause Hearing.
  • SENTENCING: The final step in the process where a penalty is assessed for someone who is convicted of, or plead guilty, to a crime.
  • FINES AND COSTS: MCR 1.110 provides that “fines, costs, and other financial obligations must be paid at the time of sentencing except when the court allows otherwise for good cause shown. “Good cause” includes not being able to afford payment
  • TYPES OF PAYMENTS: Cash, check or money orders are accepted or you can pay the court by credit card online.

District Court

Judge Raymond P. Voet
District Court Judge

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Ionia, MI 48846.

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