Why We Have Inmate Programs

Jail programs are to assist inmates in returning back into the community with job skills, anger control techniques, and counseling with substance abuse issues.

With these programs our aim is to return the inmates to the community with the education and tools to not only improve their life style, but to make them productive members of the community.

Programs Available to the Inmates

  • Life Skills Programs
  • Educational Programs
  • Jail Diversion Programs
  • Community Service Programs
  • Work Programs
  • Substance Abuse

Inmate Success Stories

I wish to commend the programs your jail is providing to help offenders get back on the right track. I have been incarcerated numerous times because of my addiction to cocaine. I have seen programs in different county jails and in three different prisons and none compare. The programs have helped me believe in myself again as well as understand how important it is to think before I act.

Thank you for helping me find a way to get my life back on track and for giving me the confidence to start my life over. I am now enrolled in college and working full time thanks to the jail programs and the persistent programs director.

I never knew that coming to jail could actually be a good thing for me. I have learned through jail programs that its ok to follow your dreams and to set goals. I set goals everyday and throughout the day as well. My goal is to continue the road to recovery and to become a substance abuse counselor so I can help others that are where I have been.

Men and Women of Truth

Men and Women of Truth are inmates incarcerated in the Ionia County Jail who want to change their lives, but more importantly the lives of young adults. They have been selected from other inmates in jail to tell their stories of how making bad choices have left them to suffer the consequences. They stress to ask for help rather than ending up in jail or prison.

What You Can Do

As a Business Owner:

As a business owner you can help by contacting the Programs Coordinator with any open positions your business might have where an inmate may be employed.

Letting your County leaders know that you support the program and express your wishes that they do also.

As a resident of Ionia County:

As a resident of Ionia County you can let business owners know that you support the program and encourage them to participate.

As a family member of someone who is in trouble you can encourage them to take advantage of the programs offered.

As a resident of Ionia County you can let your community leaders know of your support for the programs.

For more information about inmate programs, contact:
Lisa Sitzer
133 Adams Street
Ionia, Michigan 48846
Office: 616-527-5390 (ext. 416)
E-mail: lsitzer@ioniacounty.org

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