Inmate Personal Mail

Postcards are to be a plain white postcard, no larger than 3 1/4″ x 5 1/2” and are to be a “stamped postcard” (the stamp is pre-inked directly on the postcard and purchased through the US Post Office). Photo postcards of the same size will be accepted if the stamp is pre-printed on the photo postcard. Photo postcards will be accepted from a third party publisher such as ( as long as it meets the above criteria. Address the cards to: Ionia County Correctional Center, c/o Inmate’s Name, 133 E. Adams St., Ionia, MI 48846. All correspondence must include a return address with the first and last name of the sender included. Mail received with only a last name or first initial and last name of sender will be returned.

Friends and family wishing to mail money to an inmate of the Ionia County Correctional Center must address the envelope to Ionia County Jail, c/o Inmate’s Name, 133 E. Adams St., Ionia MI 48846. Your first and last name must be included with the return (sender’s) address. The envelope shall only contain a money order made out in the inmate’s name. If the envelope contains any correspondence, the correspondence and a copy of the policy will be placed in the envelope, the envelope will be sealed, stamped “Return to Sender” and returned to the post office.

Officers will open all “legal mail” in the presence of the inmate. If non legal mail is found in the envelope, the non-legal mail will be confiscated; the sender will be notified that increased monitoring of the inmate’s legal mail will take place and turned over to the Prosecutor’s office if needed. All outgoing envelopes or postcards will have metered postage. Indigent inmates are allowed to order an Indigent pack after two weeks of incarceration. This pack will have a stamped envelope, pencil, and paper included.

Inmates will be allowed to send “legal mail” in sealed envelopes. “Legal mail” is defined as any and all attorney-client correspondence, correspondence with the Courts or the State of Michigan, correspondence pertaining to the “conditions of confinement”, etc. An inmate may request in writing an envelope to send out legal mail. The postage will be deducted from his/her commissary account. Inmates with a zero commissary balance will not receive an envelope until there are sufficient funds to pay for postage.

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