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Ionia County is accepting Request for Qualifications to select a Consultant to assist in Airport development projects

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Ionia RFQ 2019


Request for Bids

The County of Ionia is accepting bids for the materials used to build a temporary wooden handicap ramp and stairs at the Ionia County Courthouse. The highest bidder is providing a sealed bid to purchase the ramp and stairs and all the material that is associated with it. All costs for labor and equipment needed to remove the materials from the Ionia County Courthouse are to be included in the submitted bid.

All bids must be submitted on the Bid Form included in the Request for Bids Packet. Sealed bids must be received by 3:00 p.m. on August 16, 2018.

Below are pictures showing the ramp and stairs, both during use and as deconstructed for removal. Click here to view the Layout of the constructed Ramp and Stairs

Board of Commissioners’ Change in Meeting Location Notice

To accommodate current renovation projects, the July through September Board of Commissioners’ Meetings have been moved to Ionia County Central Dispatch, 545 Apple Tree Drive, Ionia. Click here for the Notice of Meeting Location Changes for more details.

New Courts Facility is Open for Business

The move to our new Courts Facility is now complete! Beginning Thursday, May 24th, the Washington Street entrance to the new facility is now the secured single entrance for those visiting offices in the new facility, as well as the Courthouse. Located in the new facility are the following offices: 1st Floor – District Court (all except District Court Probation), 2nd Floor – Friend of the Court and Juvenile Court.

Please note that District Court Probation is located in the basement of the Courthouse, not in the new facility.

Signs have been posted throughout both buildings to assist you in locating the offices you are looking for, however, please feel free to ask for directions at any of the County offices!


May 8, 2018 Unofficial Election Results


Freedom of Information Act

Nestled between the metropolitan areas of Mid-Michigan (Lansing) and West Michigan (Grand Rapids) our communities provide a relaxed and family-oriented quality of life with safe neighborhoods, strong schools and healthy lifestyles.

ionia courthouse domeLocated among rolling hills and various tributaries leading to more miles of the Grand River than any other county in Michigan, our communities bustle with energy during the day, and provide a safe and quiet haven for their residents in the evening.

We are hard-working people, with a long tradition in agriculture, a solid history of supporting industry and technology, and serving as the guardian of the State of Michigan with our many prisons.

Community Job Board

There are 3 new job postings on the Ionia County Job Board.  Please click here to view the Ionia County Job Board.