Parks and Recreation Department

The Ionia County Parks and Recreation Department oversees two county parks, as well as many miles of Rail-Trail projects.  The County’s recreation related planning activities are undertaken by a Parks Advisory Board, which reports to the County’s Board of Commissioners.

Bertha Brock Park

Bertha Brock Park is a 186 acre county park located two miles west of the City of Ionia on M-21.  It is a regional park that serves the entire county and surrounding areas.  Bertha Brock Park offers a campground, rental lodges, play areas, picnic shelters, hiking trails, sledding hill, and various family oriented recreational activities.  Click any of the links for more detailed information.


Green View Point Park

Green View Point ParkGreen View Point Park is a four acre County park located east of the Village of Lyons on Kimball Road.  The park offers wonderful views of the Grand River several hundred feet below the park.  The park was named in honor of Governor Fred Green (elected in 1926), who used to stop at the site to enjoy the view.  Currently the park includes paved parking areas, picnic tables, grills, restroom facilities, overlook deck, in-car viewing of the Grand River, and wooden stairway leading down to the Grand River.


Rails-To-Trails Projects

Rails-To-TrailsIonia County is home to several miles of rail-trail corridor.  In the eastern side of the county a 41.3 mile rail-trail will be developed along the old Central Michigan Railroad corridor, from the east edge of the City of Ionia traversing east through Clinton County and ending near the City of Owosso in Shiawassee County.  Connecting to this trail and heading west through Ionia County is a 15.83 mile rail-trail that ends near the City of Lowell.  Acquisition of a section of abandoned corridor is being planned that would link this rail-trail to the Fred Meijer Flat River Trail north of Belding.


Ionia County Recreation Plan 2014 – 2018

Ionia County has established the importance of recreation to the County’s quality of life by developing a recreation plan.  This plan represents the ideas of the County’s officials and residents through meetings, a public input prioritization workshop, and a public meeting to review a draft of the plan.  The planning process was a combined effort of the Park Advisory Board, County Officials, and interested citizens.  The plan focuses on all aspects of recreation in Ionia County.  It was formally adopted by the Board of Commissioners on March 25, 2014.  The County will work to renew its five-year recreation plan in 2018.

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