Prescription Drug Drop Box

  • Empty old pills /tablets from their bottles into a ziplock or plastic bag and the place the bag directly into drop box. Remove tablets in bubble packages from their boxes. Empty bottles and packages can be disposed of in the regular trash with any names or identifying information removed.
  • Liquids should be left in the original container with any names or identifying information removed and placed in a plastic bag before placing in the drop box.
  • Needles are not accepted in the drug drop box.

Sharps Disposal

Spectrum Health United/Kelsey offers full-time Sharps disposal during normal office hours at the following locations:

  • Convenient Care, 1202 W. Oak, Greenville
  • Belding Family Medicine, 1227 W. State, Belding
  • Lakeview Family Medicine, 418 W. Washington, Lakeview
  • Do not leave any medication in the syringes.
  • Free Sharps containers will be provided in exchange.
  • Do not throw them in the trash!
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