We’re Hiring!

Please visit the County Job Board to learn more about open positions at the Ionia County Commission on Aging.

Carol HanulcikCOA Director/Administrator(616) 527-5366
Lisa InsleyNutrition Director(616) 527-5372
Emily HigbeeIn Home Services Director(616) 527-8228
Ashley DenkerTransportation Coordinator(616) 330-3266
Rachel YencharWellness & Healthy Aging(616) 330-4432
Sherry JonesMMAP Counselor(616) 330-3263
Brenda HumphreysCaseworker/Administrative Assistant(616) 527-8224
Chris WolcottCaseworker(616) 330-4430
LesLee MichalekCaseworker(616) 330-4433
Mary Jane KuhtzAdministrative Assistant(616) 330-3267
Brenda CookAdministrative Assistant(616) 330-3261
DJ ScarboroughAdministrative Assistant(616) 330-3268
Kitchen, Meal Sites & Meals on Wheels Staff:

Connie Cerny-Nash, Ron Dankenbring, Ron Elvert, Diane Hillabrandt, Sandy Greenhoe, Lori Mroczek, Rick Poole, Linda Reisbig, Karol Stauff, Aletha Thornburg, Sandy Greenhoe, Sherry Jones, James Parker, Amy Velasquez, Danielle Eickhoff, Sherry Jones, Gordon Bernstein, John Curtin, Lacey Young, LesLeigh Hale and Bruce Carmoney.

In Home Services Staff:

Cynthia Haag-May, Pam Mason, Edith Taylor, Doug Lovejoy, Tim Dugan, Elice Limon, Sandy Wellman, Maylynn Scarborough, Melissa Brandt, and Marija Counsell.

Transportation Drivers and Volunteers:

Deb Engle, John Geisen, Anthony Webster, William Wright, Karen Myers, Norman Westrate, Crystle Parker, Mary Hoffman, Dick Sage and Dennis Watson.

Wellness Staff & Volunteers:

Rachel Yenchar, Brenda Cook, DJ Scarborough, and Emily Higbee.

The Commission on Aging’s work is further supported by a multitude of volunteers – we THANK YOU for your service!

Commission on Aging

115 Hudson Street
Ionia, MI 48846

(616) 527-5365
Toll Free: 1-888-527-5365

(616) 527-5955


Office Hours:
8:30am – 5:00pm