Internship Program Mission Statement

The Ionia County Juvenile Probation Department will introduce the intern to the job of a Juvenile Probation Officer. The intern will gain knowledge in different aspects of the Juvenile Justice System and will attain experience and skill necessary for a future career in Juvenile Probation


The Ionia County Juvenile Probation Department Internship Program will provide a structured program for students to learn how the juvenile probation department operates. The Ionia County Juvenile Probation Department Internship Program is a highly interactive and professional experience incorporating various aspects of the job of a Juvenile Probation Officer. Candidates should be highly motivated, self-reliant, creative, and flexible.

Interns will apply by submitting a resume. This information can be emailed to Mark Jewell, Director of Juvenile Services.

Applications will be reviewed and prospective interns will be interviewed by the Director of Juvenile Services and a probation officer. One to two interns will be selected per semester. Once an intern is selected, the Intern Coordinator will establish a training schedule which will include an overview of juvenile justice, training on evidence based practices, and information on balance and restorative justice. During this training period, the intern will be given opportunities to observe probation officers performing their job duties.

Interns will go through an initial orientation which will include the job description and pertinent office policies and procedures. Interns will then shadow probation officers by observing an intake, court hearings, visiting placement facilities/detention centers, and becoming familiar with paperwork obligations. Interns may also be involved in staff trainings and attend monthly team meetings. Interns will be required to complete at least one home investigation, prepare a disposition report, and present their findings in court to Judge Robert Sykes Jr. In addition, interns may be involved in an office research project.

After shadowing, the intern may be assigned a caseload to co-supervise. The director and probation officers will provide cases for co-supervision. The probation officer who assigned the case will supervise the intern on that particular case and will review cases weekly. The director will oversee the internship.

The director will maintain a file on each intern with all pertinent information. The Director will have interns complete a Probation Officer evaluation at the conclusion of their internship.

If an intern is not meeting the standards as outlined or acting in an unprofessional manner, they may be terminated from the program.

Documents needed prior to internship commencement

  • Resume
  • Copy of Driver’s License
  • Signed Confidentiality & Security Agreement
  • Two References
  • Writing Sample
  • Central Registry Clearence
  • Criminal History Consent Form (and acceptable history)
  • Driving Record Report Request
  • Negative Drug Screen
  • Finger Prints
  • Learning Contract (and/or any documents required by the learning institution)


Mark Jewell, Director of Juvenile Services


Office phone: (616) 527 – 5332


Juvenile Court

Robert S. Sykes, Jr.
Juvenile/Family Division Judge

Juvenile Division Office
Ionia County Courthouse
100 West Main Street
Ionia, MI 48846

(616) 527-5332

(616) 527-5334