The Ionia County Health Department Food Program seeks to protect public health through the application of inspection and permitting activities in the areas of food service, food illness/complaint investigations, training and information resource for operators.

All fixed food service establishments are licensed annually and inspected on a routine basis. Temporary food licenses are issued for gatherings where food is prepared and served outside of a fixed food establishment in conjunction with fairs, festivals, or other short-term events. Plan reviews and pre-opening inspections are conducted for all new establishments prior to construction and for existing establishments undergoing remodeling (plan reviews and pre-opening inspections are not needed for vending machines and temporary establishments). Fees must be paid prior to review. Consultation and Food Service Manager Certification Training is also available.

Food Code & Food Law

Michigan Food Law of 2000 – Food Law sets the licensing requirements, and adopts the 2009 FDA Model Food code by reference. The Food Law supersedes the Food Code.

2009 Food Code – The Food Code makes up the majority of the requirements for the construction and operation of food establishments. There are more recent model food codes; however, Michigan Food Law adopts the 2009 Code.

MDA Fact Sheets – The fact sheets are summaries of selected topics in the food code or law.


Ionia County Health Department handles the food borne illness and complaint investigations within the County. Complaints can be made in person at the office, by letter or phone. Illness believed to be caused by food or water should be promptly reported to the office to aid in the investigation.


The Food Law sets up five license types: Fixed, Mobile Unit, Special Transitory Food Unit (STFU), Temporary and Vending. Whenever food is served to the public a food license is needed unless exempted by the food law. The exemptions cover non-profit organizations serving home prepared food such as pot lucks and bake sales. For assistance in finding which license type is best or if a license is needed for an event or facility please contact our office at (616)527-5341.

Temporary food licenses are issued for gatherings where food is prepared and served outside of a fixed establishment in conjunction with fairs, festivals, or other short-term events. Temporary food applications must be in this office 5 days before the event to avoid late application fees. Fees must be received in this office before the event.

Michigan’s Cottage Food Law

Are you considering starting a cottage food business? Before you start selling your product, make certain that you meet the requirements of the Cottage Food Law.

Click here for more information including maple syrup and honey laws.

Cottage Food Safety Poster

Plan Review

New and remodeling projects in fixed and special transitory food unit licensed food service establishments require plan review. The plan review is a process to reduce the likelihood of violations and operational difficulties caused by the design, layout and structure of the facility. Plans must be submitted and approved before construction begins. For details and assistance with the plan review process please call our office at (616) 527-5341.

The plan submission instructions, application, worksheet and reference manual can be found at the Michigan Department of Agriculture.

Certified Manager Training

Beginning June 30, 2009, the following food establishments all employ a minimum of 1 managerial employee who is currently certified under a personnel certification program accredited by the American National Standards Institute, utilizing the conference for food protection standards:
(a) A food service establishment that is not any of the following:
(i) A mobile food establishment
(ii) Operating under a temporary food service license
(iii) A special transitory food unit
(iv) A vending machine location
(b) An extended retail food establishment
(c) The operation of a food service establishment within a retail grocery

*Additional Allergen Training for Certified Food Service Mangers

For other approved Food Safety Manager Course options CLICK HERE.

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