In response to coronavirus concerns, The County of Ionia is taking proactive measures to protect our residents and employees.

All Ionia County buildings and non-essential departments and services will be closed until further notice.

Ionia County Health Department COVID-19 Response

Restaurant (Fixed Food Service) License is a license for a food service establishment such as a restaurant, bar, brew pub, coffee shop, cafeteria, sandwich shop, catering kitchen, rental hall, or commissary in which food or drink is prepared for public consumption. Application

Mobile Food Establishment License is a license for a food establishment operating from a vehicle, watercraft, tent, cart, that returns to a licensed commissary at least once every 24 hours. An example of a mobile food establishment is a hot dog pushcart that leaves from a commissary in the morning and comes back at the end of the same day. A mobile food establishment requires one inspection per licensed year. Application

Special Transitory Food Unit (STFU) License is a license for a self-contained food establishment that can be set up anywhere such as at a park or festival site. An example of a STFU is a food wagon commonly seen at county fairs and festivals. An STFU with a Michigan license can go anywhere in the state and requires two inspections per licensed year. Application

Seasonal Food Service License is a license for food establishments operating in Kalamazoo County nine months or less. Application

Temporary Food Service License is a license for a temporary food business operating at a fixed location for not more than fourteen (14) consecutive days. Application

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Personal Health
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Substance Abuse Prevention
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