In response to coronavirus concerns, The County of Ionia is taking proactive measures to protect our residents and employees.

All Ionia County buildings and non-essential departments and services will be closed until further notice.

Ionia County Health Department COVID-19 Response

If you are seeking contact information on how to obtain an absentee ballot, election/voting questions, you can contact your local city or township clerk listed below.

Berlin Township

Rachael Alexander, Clerk
Polling location: Ionia Intermediate School District, 2191 Harwood Road, Ionia 48846

Boston Township

Chery Valentine, Clerk
Polling location: Boston Township Hall, 30 North Center Street, Saranac 48881

Campbell Township

Marshann Ludema, Clerk
Polling location: Campbell Township Hall, 331 South Main Street, Clarksville 48815

Danby Township

Kris Platte, Clerk
Polling location: Danby Township Hall, 13122 Charlotte Highway, Sunfield 48890

Easton Township

Betty Rowley, Clerk
Polling location: Easton Township Hall, 720 North Bellamy Road, Ionia 48846

Ionia Township

Cindy Higbee, Clerk
Polling location: Ionia Township Hall, 1042 E. Washington Street, Ionia 48846

Keene Township

Nancy Feuerstein, Clerk
Polling location: Keene Township Hall, 8505 Potters Road, Saranac 48881

Lyons Township

Julie Heckman, Clerk
Polling location (Precinct 1): Lyons Township Hall, 106 Prairie Street, Lyons 48851
Polling location (Precinct 1): Pewamo Fire Station, 101 South State, Pewamo 48873
Polling location (Precinct 1): Muir Village Office, 122 Superior Street, Muir 48860

North Plains Township

Robert Fahey, Clerk
Polling location: North Plains Fire Station, 106 North Washington Street, Hubbardston 48845

Odessa Township

Lisa Williams, Clerk
616.374.4237 x 10
Polling location: Odessa Township Hall, 3862 Laurel Drive, Lake Odessa 48849

Orange Township

Linn Plett, Clerk
Polling location: LeValley Church, 4018 Kelsey Highway, Ionia 48846

Orleans Township

Tonda Rich, Clerk
Polling location: Orleans Township Hall, 3077 Palmer Road, Orleans 48865

Otisco Township

Lynda Sower, Clerk
Polling location: Otisco Township Hall, 9663 West Button Road, Belding 48809

Portland Township

Charlene Keilen, Clerk
Polling location: Westwood Elementary, 883 Cross Street, Portland 48875

Ronald Township

Art Pelon, Clerk
Polling location: Ronald Township Hall, 4987 Stage Road, Ionia 48846

Sebewa Township

Marcia Lewis, Clerk
Polling location: Sebewa Township Hall, 2975 Bippley Road, Portland 48875

City of Belding

Kareen Thomas, Clerk
Polling location (Precincts 1 & 2): St. Joseph School, 409 South Bridge Street, Belding 48809
Polling location (Precinct 3): Belding Community Center, 108 Hanover Street, Belding 48809

City of Ionia

Ally Cook, Clerk
616.527.4170 x 5145
Polling location: Ionia Middle School, Watt Auditorium, 438 Union Street, Ionia 48846 (Wards I, II, III & IV)

City of Portland

Nikki Miller, Clerk
Polling location: Portland City Hall, 259 Kent Street, Portland 48875 (Precincts 1 & 2)

County Clerk

Greg Geiger
County Clerk

Ionia County Clerk’s Office
100 W. Main Street
Ionia, MI 48846


(616) 527-5322

(616) 527-8201

Monday – Friday
8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Genealogy Hours*
Monday – Friday
9:00 am – 12:00 pm
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

The Clerk’s Office is open for business during the noon hour. However, we recommend that you call our office first if you are planning on doing business during this time, as it is sometimes necessary to close the office during the noon hour when short-staffed.

*The Clerk reserves the right to limit genealogy hours based upon staffing and the court docket.